A Brief Explanation

I’m not exactly a green guy. I’m no tree hugger. I’m a car nut and hot rodder by definition. So why green? I’m actually different than most people. I guess if I would get off my lazy duff, I’d be an inventor. I’m constantly asking what if. Which goes back to the primary addage of the true hot rodder, that a constantly find myself living my life by: If you can’t do it yourself, it doesn’t need doing. Followed quickly by: Run what you brung.

Now an even quicker definition of my personality would be impossible. But, if I don’t learn something profoundly new everyday, then I don’t feel good. So I have lots of hobbies… Among them is a, well, flair… almost fetish, for coming up with creative ways to use the new and old tech that is out there for what everyone is calling “green.”

Here’s a list of some of my “green” pet projects:

  • New Urbanism – anti-urban sprawl
  • HHO-Brown’s Gas Theory, vs. Thermodynamics
  • Solar and low voltage
  • Wind and water power
  • Water collection for gardening (similar to the cisterns and aquifers of the old days)
  • Sewage Treatment with botanical gardens

I know, that sounds like a tree hugger’s perspective. But, I’m also a hot rodder who asks the questions like, “Why doesn’t the old school learn something from the ricers?” Imagine, if the 4 cylinder guys can get 1200 horsepower from a 2.2 liter motor, why can’t we do that with a multi turbo supercharged big block motor? I’ve also always been for the underdog. Not that I love ricers, I’m actually a mini-trucker… But I also love muscle. Well, actually, I see a vehicle and I see some potential. It would be a rough day in my life if you gave me anything on wheels that my imagination couldn’t turn it into something that someone like me would want.

I’ll get more into my research and plans as I go along.


About sirkeystone

This dude lives and slaves in the Siloam Springs Arkansas area, where his day job is a flooring installer. For now. An author, artist, guitar repair guy, and loves to play with cars. Not just HotWheels either. Guitar, Bass, and vocals for local False Hope band, an Indie/Country/Rock band that used to be a classic rock cover band.

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