More Rants? Driver’s and Being Driven

This one won’t be as bad as the last post….

First off I wish to express the rules of driving and why I get so irritated at drivers who don’t follow my rules.

I’m not that bad of a guy really.

Rule 1 Whether or not you understand the basics of apexing a corner, YOU NEVER CROSS THE CENTER LINE INTO ONCOMING TRAFFIC! You are not apexing anymore, you are trying to kill someone. You’re not hypermiling, you are trying to kill someone.

Rule 2 On a four lane, divided or not, you have two options on your side of the road. The slow lane. And the fast, or passing, lane.

The Fast Lane – A lane that is intended only for passing slower traffic. As with any passing lane, the faster you move around the slower traffic and remove yourself from that lane the better, even if it means having to slow back down a bit. IT IS NOT YOUR PERSONAL LANE. YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS TO STAY IN THAT LANE IF YOU ARE THE SAME SPEED AS THE RIGHT LANE. In fact if some one has to pass you on the right, they are breaking the law, as are you. That sign says slower traffic keep right because it is the law. Also, IF YOU HAVE TO APPLY YOUR BREAKS IN THE FAST LANE YOU ARE TOO CLOSE TO THE PERSON IN FRONT OF YOU, OR YOU ARE NOT FLOWING WITH TRAFFIC. There is a happy medium speed that is an optimal for time consumption versus fuel consumption. Anything over 40 MPH is going to start decreasing your fuel economy because of the laws of aerodynamics. So 80 – 100 MPH in a 70 zone is just not feasible. HOWEVER, if you are at or under the speed limit, DO NOT GET IN TO THE FAST LANE.

The Slow Lane – As I have mentioned, it is not the passing lane. To pass in the right lane is illegal nearly every where. Also, it is not a drag strip. If someone is passing you, DO NOT SPEED UP TO MATCH THEIR SPEED. DO NOT CUT IN BETWEEN CARS THAT ARE ALREADY TAILGATING EACH OTHER, especially if you are doing 10 miles per hour slower than they are. DO NOT SPEED UP TO GET IN FRONT OF UP COMING TRAFFIC. In most cases they have the right of way because the are passing YOU! Also, there is a reason they don’t allow mopeds or parades on most four lane highways. There are minimum speeds. If you can’t maintain a bare minimum of the posted minimum limit, FIND A DIFFERENT ROUTE.

The Merge Lane – Or the on-ramp, generally a posted speed is there for off-ramps. On-ramps are designed, or should be anyway, for you to get to and maintain an optimum speed for MERGING into the SLOW lane. DO NOT STOP ON THE ON-RAMP, this is an underlying cause of may traffic jams, not to mention accidents. Also, don’t tailgate the driver ahead of you because your spot on the slow lane may not have room for two cars, allow a cushion of space to where you can either speed up or slow down to merge with up-coming traffic. USE YOUR TURN SIGNALS TO CHANGE LANES!

The Off-Ramps – Depending on the severity of the road conditions, don’t start decelerating for the on ramp while you are on the slow lane thoroghfare. Wait until you are safely in a deceleration lane. If the stupid road engineers did not provide you with one before throwing in a 15 MPH recommended speed corner, or 200 feet to a stop sign, then by all means don’t take their stupidity out on your brakes, but try not to interfere with the traffic flow.

One of the complaints of many people that I hear is the weaving in traffic. IF YOU WERE NOT CLOGGING UP THE FAST LANE THEY WOULD NOT HAVE TO WEAVE FROM LANE TO LANE TO PASS YOU.

Traffic Flow – I have said a lot about traffic flow. The optimal speed for the slow lane is actually (and yes, lead foot can be quoted for this) five miles per hour slower than posted speed per average. The fast lane should not have to exceed the limit by more than 10 MPH while in a pass. You should not overtake a vehicle by more than 15 MPH for many safety related reasons. I might even list some of those reasons late, for now just think: Roll off wheel, hood/bonnet flying up and smashing windshield, a sudden tie-rod breaking, loosing a drive line (U-joint), flat tire, blow out, black ice, unstable shocks while on a rough interstate, pulling a trailer, etc. This could happen (and does often) to either vehicle at anytime during the pass, then what?

As I already mentioned, you should not be following so close to have to use your breaks. I am so certain of this that if I were a cop, I would find some excuse for stopping you for using your break lights on a four lane highway, no matter the reason. (Well, animals in the roadway, and other unforeseeable situations also abound, so maybe some of you would slide by) Why? Traffic flow. Many people are using cruise control and their attention is not where it should be, and you will possibly get rear-ended.

I have more but I am headed for 1000 words. More time than I was going to spend on this. Maybe I should have put this over in the other blog… Oh, well. Maybe to continue it there later.



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This dude lives and slaves in the Siloam Springs Arkansas area, where his day job is a flooring installer. For now. An author, artist, guitar repair guy, and loves to play with cars. Not just HotWheels either. Guitar, Bass, and vocals for local False Hope band, an Indie/Country/Rock band that used to be a classic rock cover band.

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