Character Spotlight – Shelby Lawson

Here with me today is a man who is known as the only character that will ever cross all three of my major series lines.

Shelby Lawson

Of course a 3D generated image...

He will star in his own book Unshadow as well as appearances in both the second book of Stage, and three other appearances in the Maraude series at different points in Rich Sabre’s career. Everyone give a big hearty welcome to Shelby Casseus Lawson.

LAWSON: Thanks Aric. Or wouldja prefer me callin ya James.

JAK: Aric’s fine, that’s what most people call me. So, I’m going to make it a habit during these sessions with you guys, to ask what your thoughts were when I first approached you to be part of this little book, then added you to the two other more major series.

LAWSON: Well, I thought you was crazy. I knowd you was goin for the whole Man On Fire 2 idea, and I guess it kinda works, but you was already into the whole idea of it bein some kinda road trip in a limo. I mean you even make a few nods to Drivin Miss Daisy.

JAK: [smiling] It is kind of a crazy idea, but I get those a lot. What went through your mind though. I don’t usually cast minority parts other than American Indian. Most every one is Caucasian, or well, robot. [laughs]

LAWSON: It did concern me some. Specially the part where I don’t care much for Ebonics but tend to talk it some myself, unless I’s bein real serious with the girls. I knew you don’t have to many friends what you could call upon without bein offended. But I guess we’ve made it this far.

JAK: Speaking of the girls; I was especially concerned about the task of trying to fix the girls in such a short amount of time, but it didn’t make sense to prolong the road trip for more than a week. Did that bother you?

LAWSON: I think you did a good job of makin me be real with them. Not sure where you’s goin with the whole Cassie thing but then you’s the one playing in her head.

JAK: Not my first time to write from a first person, but it is the first time I chose a girl character to write from. It’s been an experience for me as well. I won’t go into specifics here but Cassie will be appearing with you in your later run in Maraude. Just for me though, what are some of the things about you that my readers might be interested in? What music do you like, what books do you read, what is your favorite car?

LAWSON: I’ve heard that you ask the car question to everybody. My first car was a 1948 Volkswagon. Baby powder blue. Gotta get me another one someday. Music? um, well, I tend to be a blues man myself, fancy myself a bit of a harp man. I like to listen to those guitar strings though. Nothin like a good female blues singer though. Stirs the soul. I don’t read much, but I tend to like the Clancy stuff, maybe a little Stephen King.

JAK: If you were to write a story about me, going from what you know about me so far, what would it be about?

LAWSON: You tryin ta get me in trouble. [laugh] I’d put you in a book where you was runnin from somebody an ya had to find out who they were, before they caught ya. I think you could figure it out. I think ya got some skeletons in that closet that ya need to throw out before they bury ya. An maybe that’d be whacha was runnin from, ya own worst enemy, so’s to speak. I read a book by somebody one time that the guy that was tryin to figure out what was goin on, had a pretty lady helpin him. The lady happened to be the split personality of the guy, then they find out that the bad guy was another spilt personality of this same guy.

JAK: Thre3 by Ted Dekker

LAWSON: yeah, I think that was the one. I’d put ya in a story like that.

JAK: Well, not to let the cat out of the bag but that one is being written as we speak. Maybe no one will read this a couple years from now because the split personality thing runs for a couple of books before it comes out that Rich Sabre is Jackie Meants and Tia Muldowney, but it has to happen in a very discreet means. So I’d have to kill ya if I told ya.

LAWSON: Heard that before. Well, man, gotta run but lemme know if ya want to do this again sometime!

JAK: Definitely. I will have to do this again.

It was a bit short but, I think you get the idea where me and the voices in my head go a lot, so I’ll write down some more of our conversations for you guys and we’ll see how this goes. Next time I am scheduled with Olivia Kramer of my SpeedBreaker novel, so until then:


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