eBook Review – The Unsuspecting Mage – Brian S. Pratt

I have to kick myself for something.  I was feeling overwhelmed by all of my projects going on right now.  So I finally broke down and slapped my hands yesterday.  I did something that I don’t do often enough.  I dialed up one of my big playlists and dug into a free ebook I downloaded from oBooKo.  I wasn’t expecting much to tell you the truth.  I flipped through several of the genre links and downloaded about six or eight from various genres.  Then I just randomly clicked one of the links in my download window on FireFox and up pops a pdf of Brian Pratt’s The Unsuspecting Mage.  Book one of a series that I believe (not sure, I should check but not enough time at the moment) has three books, might be more. [EDIT: Okay I checked his website, The Morcythe Saga has seven books total]

The first book of the Morcythe Saga, can bee downloaded for free from oBooKo or Smashwords

I have to say that the simplicity of the cover nearly put me off [EDIT AGAIN: The cover that put me off was the cover for the free ebook.  Now pictured is the cover for the paperback.  Much better!].  Especially since that is one of the very important things that you are supposed to do for your branding platform as an author.  Consistency, not just across your own works, to be recognized, but also to be equated with others in your genre.  This book was found, very appropriately, in the Young Adult section.

Now, I read the book in one sitting.  Very well written.  There are many twists and turns as the MC really has no idea even why he was brought to this strange land.  It is not a complex plot, but it was well thought out it seems.  I noticed several elements of good storytelling, such as the ticking clock of trying to get somewhere before the Empire’s Invasion closes them off.  The characters seem sufficient for a YA novel.  Most of the depth is devoted to the MC, but a little time is spent on the supporting characters as well.  They did not seem flat to me.

One thing I noticed was something I have had my own hand slapped for recently, and I have noticed it in several other novels as well, was tense mixing.  He doesn’t do it much, and he tries to stay in the present tense most of the time.  In fact if I hadn’t been coaching myself away from doing the same thing, I would have never noticed.  He never confused me once.  Nor was I ever to the point of putting the ‘book’ down to do something else for a while.  The plot never seemed to bog down.  Even the repetition of the MC paying for the rooms at the Inns along the way, didn’t seem to hurt the meter of the story.

I gave him a well earned 5 stars, which admittedly, I used to do quite a lot, but recently I would rather not give out a 5 unless it was something that caught my fancy.  And he earned it.


I’m writing again.  Not that I stopped, but now I feel like writing again.  It isn’t a chore.  This is what it is supposed to feel like.

So I have to say, for sheer inspiration, Thank You Brian, I will be looking for more from your growing library.  Maybe I really am still a Young Adult in a 40 year old body.  heheh

Free ebook: The Unsuspecting Mage by Brian S. Pratt

Have an eBook you’d like me to review?  I’m not a professional, and I am definitely not an editor, but I’ll throw my two cents worth in.  Hit me up either here or Twitter or FaceBook.

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