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In a recent dive into my long list of unread feeds in my FeedDemon list, I noticed a pattern with all of the writers that are semi-professional writers, who tried NaNoWriMo this year for the first time.  The trend is:  write it all out, then kill everything that doesn’t count.  Write 120,000 words then cut 40,000 of them.

It finally has donned on me why.

The original coverLooking over Stage, I’m finding that a good deal of the mid part of the story is very boring.  Renna doesn’t become the main character until halfway through the book.  I think that’s why so many that start the book say – “It’s good but I just haven’t had the time to finish it.”  It bogs people down too much.  So I think that the current published works will stay for a while, but they will be rewritten in the very near future.

Taking Stage for instance, right now it’s a linear story of the band as a whole.  Taking in Renna’s mom as the new bass player, thus taking in Renna as a mascot for Blown Pageant.  Paul’s groupies actually finding jobs as a Street Team for the band.  Shawn fixing up his whole building that should be condemned back into an apartment building that they can all live in together.  Renna’s dad popping back into the picture and threatening to take her away from the band.  Paul and Caitlyn getting married when they find that she’s pregnant.  The first big tour to a gig in Las Vegas.  Griffin badgering them about a record deal and even giving them a tour bus to play with.  Shawn’s estranged wife pops up unexpectedly.  Caitlyn and Paul stopping in at her home town while on this tour and finding that her abusive family has disowned her for running away, and Caitlyn makes the decision to take her abused and neglected younger sisters from her parents.  They get back to Pageant Studios and it gets shot to pieces while they are getting ready for another gig.  They buy a bus of their own and give Griffin’s back after Griff’s buffoons drop the main amp case and fry $8000 worth of equipment.  They have another round of touring to support the new record.  Renna joins them on stage every chance they get now.  The videos go viral.  Because of Renna.  They start worrying about what they might be putting Renna into.  Paul and Caitlyn’s daughter is born while on tour.  Renna turns nine on tour.  They come home to prepare for the biggest tour yet and while in preparation Caitlyn wrecks Renna’s mom’s truck and dies.  They decide to continue the tour but possibly without Paul.  The funeral.  More descriptives of the tour, mostly about the difficulties of trying to run a tour from a dead person’s notes.  Renna takes it upon herself once Paul comes back, to take care of the baby and take up the band management duties as well as do her part in the band.  In the process collapses during an interview with the mainstream press.  Who immediately start rumors that she had been drinking.  The band finishes the tour and comes home to a very empty feeling studio, but set back into work.  The story now changes to a complete focus (more how I am writing now) on Renna as she does some strange things acting on a whim, and then gets herself locked out of the studio and kidnapped.

Now as if I haven’t spoiled the whole story, I’m not telling you the ending, but you can see just how “all over the place” this story is.  What I am thinking about is not really a rewrite, more of a reorganization, focusing completely on Renna’s part in the story, and eluding to the rest of the happenings as back story.  There is much more that happens of course, like when Paul has a fight with the rest of the band and Renna stops him.  He leaves and goes to the band that Renna’s mom came from, Vile.  Of course to understand that, you have to understand that Renna is a sponge.  Not only has she worked very hard to be a guitarist, drummer, and vocalist, but she has learned from some very talented martial artists in her short time.  Her mom even took her to several driver’s training camps.  So the kid knows how to fight.  Very well.

So in essence it is now up to be to take diary entries from a band, and make them a palatable and engaging story so that I don’t get any more, “I haven’t had time to read it” and change it to, “I couldn’t put it down!”

So as I am supposed to be starting a full dramatic audio of this book with voice actors, I am going to jump in and do a NaNoWriMo on myself this December.  Amidst Christmas and my daughter’s wedding, I will be rewriting Stage.  I will document each step here and where I pulled this out of my hat.  So stay tuned.  And I also won’t be stopping my Character Spotlights nor any other of my blogging stuff.

It’s time to make this work, and make some money at it.

Until next time


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