Character Spotlight — The Neighbor’s Basement’s — Kennedy Dart-Lawdé

First a quick note. I found it very funny that I have gotten several comments the past several days. All spam, heheh. But somebody is watching huh?

Anyway, there will be a trend in the next few weeks to highlight characters from the two published novels as I am embroiled in a total rewrite of both of them in preparation for releasing to Smashwordsand Amazon, and at least one or two more of my novels by March 2012.

Kenny kicking

A test render for the book trailer

JAK:  Kenny, I’d like to take more of a structured approach this time.  In the past, my guests have just, you know, talked.  I wanted your opinion of where I went with you and Apryl and what you thought of the ending.

Kenny:  Well, Aric – First off, I kinda liked working with Apryl; she’s about the closest I’m going to ever get to having a cheerleader for a girlfriend.  I know our relationship was kinda rocky at first with her having trouble deciding between me and Brent, but Kim solved that problem.  The ending for me kinda slowed down.  I thought there should have been more action too.

JAK: Actually, that had been slated for the second edition.  The Dog and His Girl is the next project in the series, and of course you or Apryl won’t really be in it other than more back story.  I’m actually debating leaving Basement as is, and actually pushing Dog as the featured novel.  Before Doctor Barnhauer, you were content being a school bully and then going home and being someone else online.  Did that feel like two personalities to you?

Kenny: Not really.  The bully part was my heritage showing through.  Of course, when dad changed after his quick little break down [snicker] and then Angel beat him up too, that part of my heritage would have stopped, I think.  I always knew he had the potential to be a good man.  It was just too easy for him to act like his dad did too.  But my real personality was the after hours Kenny.  It’s who I really wanted to be.  Kenny the artist.  Kenny the guitar player.  Not Kenny the bully.

JAK:  So with so much emphasis being put on anti-bullying lately, how do you think your character stacks up?  Do you think someone would actually commit suicide to keep from “the wrath of Kennedy Dart-Lawdé?”

Kenny:  I was more of the prankster type of bully.  I wasn’t the type to steal lunch money or stuff little kids in the trashcans.  I never threatened anyone with more than just the standard shove.  They might have retaliated someday; well I guess Brent did huh? [laugh], but I don’t think I was ever the type to cause depression.  More the type that everybody wanted to avoid in the hall, because I would knock the papers out of their hands.  Now Kimberly, had to put up with some real bullies.  She was tormented daily in her trailer-park existance.  I liked that you mentioned her struggles.  I always liked to pick on her, but hope she realized I wasn’t like those idiots at the bus stop.  I was very happy when I really had the chance to get to know her better.

JAK:  Do you think I was careful enough with the young adult themed violence in yours, Brent’s, Kim’s, and Apryl’s home life?

Kenny: I think you could have gotten a bit more graphic and not hurt it, but you got the points across.  Brent was getting it from both parents, were my dad was worse than both of his put together, but my mom enabled the abuse.  And then poor Apryl.  I tried to feel sorry for her dad, I really did, but if you had given me the chance I probably would have killed him that night.

JAK:  I tried to put in the mood that it was a regular occurance.  What do you mean that night?

Kenny:  Oh the night we all had to go back home after being in the Basement.

JAK: Oh okay.  Now here’s the question I have been holding back on.  Angel Faust and Gender Identity Disorder?

Kenny:  hmmm, that actually a tough one.  Angel’s name was originally Thomas right?

JAK:  Right.  And the Faust’s did not only change it, they allowed him to change it on his legal documentation as well as his gender.  Though they were still holding back on the actual reassignment because to law said he was too young.

Kenny:  It’s funny.  I always just pictured her as being a tough little girl.  I never would have guessed that he was a he before I met him, I mean her.  And then with her disappearing with Buster like that, I guess she could very easily be the most powerful of all of us now.

JAK:  That was my point in the next novel, even though it is kind of a “Maximum Ride versus When The Wind Blows” arguement here.  A Dog and His Girl will not be as kid friendly.  And yes, I’m letting it out of the bag, only this once, that Barnhauer has found a way to come back since the Riverdale Massacre.

Kenny:  Speaking of which, one of the bird kids in the Angel Experiment series is named Angel.  Any coincidence?

JAK: Complete coincidence.  I also have a set of twins in SpeedBreaker named Angel and Fierra, and there is no connection there either, well other than that obvious thing you know about that would be a complete spoiler here.

Kenny:[smiles] I won’t say anything.

JAK: Well, that brings us to our 1K word limit, or there about.  Thanks for dropping in Kenny.

Kenny: No prob, next time bring Apryl along and we’ll chat it up good.

JAK:  Sounds like a plan.

So there you have another one.  If you have any suggestions on how to make these interviews better or have questions for the guests yourselves, feel free to comment and I’ll pass the questions along.  Stay tuned next week when we step into line to talk to the child prodigy Adrienna “Chigger” Brey from my series Stage.



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