Character Spotlight – Stage’s Adrienna “Chigger” Brey

While I have been working on her in editing the rewrite of Stage so I can go to the next phase of my publishing and the audio book, this should ba an easy interview. But, it isn’t, because now I have to decide which Renna I wish to speak to, the Stage Renna or the Wyldheart Renna, or even the Unshadow Renna.  A bit of a spoiler here, though, Renna is not the main character nor will she even be in, the final book of the Stage series.  None of Pageant will be.  None of Wyldheart will be either.  Only one of the previous characters will be in the third Stage and that will be my little secret for now.  😉

JAK:  Renna Brey, how are you kiddo?Renna from the book cover

Brey:  I’m good, just got back from our little run in South America.  That was very cool.

JAK:  Okay, so I guess you know by now that I am messing with my already published manuscript a bit before I republish and get started on our little audio project for next year, how do you like the new direction with me adding in the perspectives of Vince and Griffin as well as the boys from Vile.

Brey:  The Vile thing was cool, because I think people needed to know more about them.  I know Gary and Tom are big mentors for the kids in Wyldheart for the next book, as well as I think I feel the demise of Vile soon.  Didn’t you say that Gary and Tom would be joining Red Tinted Zebra with Derek?

JAK:  Yes ma’am.  But then mostly with that last question, I wanted to get your feedback on the more exposition of why Griffin became so jaded as to hire a hit man to [spoiler]?

Brey:  Absolutely.  I’d like ta know what you were thinkin about their motivations.  You kinda left that out in left field for everybody to guess in the last version.

JAK: [laughs] True.  Now, what are your thoughts on the music videos.  I have actually been thinking, as you well know, that it is going to take at least four people to actually play your part.  I have the interested singer and I am having the book narrated by a person who is to represent you when you are older, so that leaves the guitarist and the drummer, since I can’t actually find someone really like you.

Brey:  Aww, am I making you work too hard?

JAK:  Nah.  Anyway, now for the next question.  We all can read in the prologue that SJ dies and leaves you The Ax Attic during the eight years between Stage and Wyldheart.  Do you think I should include that a bit more indepth, as in maybe a revisited memory of the funeral in Wyldheart or as a separate story in between the two books?

Brey:  As if you didn’t have enough to do.  I’d just do the revisited memory.

JAK:  Good, because you must know that I am adding 28 new scenes to Stage now.

Brey: 28?  Wow!  Why so many?

JAK:  Mostly introducing a flow to the order of the POVs.  You have a separate POV, the Vile has one, Pageant has a generic one that covers all of them, then Griffin and Tonetti share slots.

Brey:   So what about the subplots?  I mean we never did find out what caused Emily to leave Shawn.

JAK:  That will be in there too this time.  And again it will be a foreshadow of what happens to you.

Brey:  I noticed you’re doing a lot of foreshadowing this time, like the dent in the truck and my feelings about it long before the accident that destroys it.  And there were a few other things I noticed.

JAK:  Did you notice who I put at the first of the book instead of a foot note in the prologue this time.

Brey:  Yeah, Kelby’s happy you put him in there as a longtime child hood friend this time.

JAK:  I’m worried about this rewrite for one issue though.  I have been planning to make more detail into the warehouse.  But that is going to make more detail in the things you probably would rather I not talk about much.  Besides the fact that it is a rather taboo subject anyway.

Brey:  I wouldn’t worry about it.  It’s part of the struggle, part of the change that has to happen in me in this series and that I, like all other victims have to come to terms with what happened in order to move forward.  If we don’t then we just might as well have died when it happened.  If we don’t come to terms with it then we don’t heal at all.  Some wounds don’t heal.  But we can learn to cope and make the best of that situation so we can try to leave it behind.

JAK:  I have already had two comments on your vigilante actions, and both were to the positive.  both were from victims of child sexual abuse and affirmed that they would have done the same, if they had these circumstances, because both of them spent many years hiding behind whatever veil they could find.

Brey:  I don’t offer this as a solution to every circumstance.  But for this story, these are things that had to happen, because I had to learn to cope with the shame of the abuse and the guilt of the murder.  They say the first kill is always the hardest to get over.

JAK:  Well, Renna, I’d love to get more indepth with that subject next time if we can, but we are almost out of time for tonight.

Brey: No prob, I hear you had a late night with a wedding last night!

JAK:  [laughs]  yup.  Walked Arica down the aisle.  Then had to clean up.  Anyway thanks for jumping out here!

Brey:  Let’s do this again.

Sorry about such a late post, hopefully anyone who is watching right now is set up on an RSS reader.  I recommend FeedDemon but only because I use the daylights out of it.  Like Renna said I had to do a wedding last night (not as much of a chore as it might sound) so I didn’t get my prelimonary writing done like I normally do on Saturday nights.  Anyway, stay tuned this week as I should start on my series of putting together the rewrite on Stage.  Also, I have planned to have myself in here next week.  One of my alter egos in the other universe where the Illuminatti is called the Council of Magestra and rogue CIA agents can rule the world.  We will meet me in another dimension, Mister Richard Sabre.

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