My Top 10 Websites For Researching Maraude

This may not seem like much to most people, but even as off based and other worldly as Maraude is slated to become it is important for me to make it historically accurate.  This means TV shows that were on in the background during a certain scene in 1974.  The weather on the Tucson Air Base Residences on February 21, 1974.  What day of the week that day falls on.  Movies that could be watched on that weekend.  Should Dale Pennington pick up a news paper, what world news would capture the front page of a fictional newpaper.  I have decided that with the exception of the obvious makes and models of cars and trucks I will not be causing myself any copyright harm by mentioning a newpaper by name or even researching the actual cover story on that day.

But with that said, the TV show that was on the night that Dale Pennington was forced in to an unholy communion with the Jerome Society and the Council of the Magestra.  His wife jumped at the chance to move from the airbase.  His kids were excited about having him home more.  But none of them realized he had just been forced to sell his soul to an entity he knew nothing about.  The mentioned TV show was Kung Fu Episode 34- “Crossties” featuring Harrison Ford, Denver Pyle (Uncle Jesse from the Dukes of Hazzard or more importantly for the genres that I normally write, Tia and Tony’s uncle that brings them back to Earth in Return to Witch Mountian), and Andy Robinson (the psycho killer Scorpio from the first Dirty Harry, also Larry Cotton from Hellraiser) who actually plays a guy name Johnny Walker in the episode!

Now how did I find that out?  And why is it important?

It’s important because this episode is the one that Cain goes back to the rail road and helps out with a situation that is very similar to Dale’s on the surface.  Now I only mention a few things about the show while Dale’s three kids are watching it.  And here is another website that helped with that, I rented the episode and watched it for research purposes.  How I found all of this out is a long reason that FireFox has a folder of research websites listed for an easy click away.  The list is as follows:

  1. Wikipedia – Now as much as that might sound like a no-brainer.  Wikipedia has become a big source of material from gun selections for characters, to history dates and events.  Almost enough that if I was making enough from my writing I would answer their call for fundraising.
  2. Sacred Texts – Now why would I need sacred texts for Maraude.  Well that one has to stay a secret for about four more books, but I will slip in that it has to do with the Council of Magestra.  This online compendium caters to all sacred texts and even thought the original owner has now passed away his legacy lives on.  They have writings from every possibly angle.  Including some that will become more apparent when the actual main character of Maraude comes online in two novels.  He is originally taught by a shamen, though every one but Richthinks he’s just an old drunk Indian.  Sacred Texts is helping me to find all of this shamen’s teachings as they were originally written so I can attribute them to the proper Indian religeon.
  3. Internet Movie Database – IMDB has been a life saver on many occasions.  Especially when looking for an actor to create a character based on something that actor played.  Or a genre title that I might be able to draw some inspiration from.
  4. Yahoo! BableFish – Maraude deals with the Exandrov family, General Nicanor and his little guard André Chavez, and several other language based characters.  I feel the need to translate into the proper language from time to time to add realism, even though the characters who are most pivotal all speak English.
  5. Translit – This particular site is used occasionally to Anglisize the Cyrillic language.  So that I can make proper adjustments to the English Speech of the Spetsnaz informant who has befriended Corporal Pennington and later bacome a serious ally to Richard Sabre.
  6. DAZ3D – What?  A goofy 3D posing program?  Why Aric why?  Well, for starters the next link I am posting is for a writing program that I am using to organize the monster that has become Maraude.  That program has an image gallery and is capable of creating Dossiers for your characters.  Besides, I also use Poser and DAZ to make my animated sections for my upcoming book trailers.  And also, Poser and DAZ have been used in the past to make prelimonary sketches for my upcoming graphic novels.
  7. Black Obelisk Software – While Liquid Story Binder is not my only writing program, I feel it is more capable of keeping the whole story of Maraude together in a monsterous arc along with all of the database styled files that are essential to the creation of the monster called Maraude.  There will be several how tos on this awesome software as I go along because it has a huge learning curve, but is so versatile!  It is a free tryout but not a huge payout to buy.
  8. Wunderground – That weather history site I was telling you about.  Their records are from airports and universities so they are accurate and predate the internet by many years!
  9. Netflix – This one should be an easy one, because it is where I go to finish off my IMDB research into genre styles.  They didn’t need my advertising, and I have almost disabled my account because of the craziness this summer, but so far my cued movies still keep coming as long as my PayPal has money in it.
  10. thesixtyone – I was really active at this site a few years ago.  I still listen quite a bit but only because I have such huge playlists made up.  As most of you know there are many places to go for playlists, youTube,, itunes, pandora just to name a few that I am registered at but never use, I just keep coming back here because of all of the indie bands that aren’t anywhere else.

There we are another 1K word post and it’s a top ten too.  Wow!   I might just have me a blog again! heheh

Should I start trying to make daily posts?  How about a writing prompt on each post?  You tell me!


Again sorry about the mix up Jason!  heheh «blushes­­­­»

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  1. And this is post number 45! Just ask me why the number 45 is so important sometime.

    I told ya I was a symbolic person

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