The New Phone And Other Randomness

Man that was a long time ago. . .

No, I’m not going to do one of those old posts where I tell you the minutes of my day at the office.  As boring as that might be, I thought I would mention something that has bothered me about several books I have read in the past.  I just had to trade in my killer old Motorola for a new Samsung Intensity II  (I know I seem to still be behind the times not having a smart phone and all, but I don’t need a $440.oo phone bill thank you).  Most of the stuff is similar, but I have to keep up with my specific hours on my job of what I do during the day for when I turn in my time at the end of the week.  And this new phone doesn’t let me post messages in the calendar for time that has already passed.

Anyway . . .

My thought for today is, while your character might really need to have that cool new phone like you just bought, how long will your book be valid before you need to change it to a 7G phone in a later revision?

Or enter a killer huge gaming specific computer, or an iPad just loaded up for all of the latest GuitarRig plug-ins so your character can jack their Dimebag Darrell signature Flying Vee into their Hummer’s system and jam out.  Do you think your audience will care in five years?

That would be like getting all fanatical about the mainframe the Matthew Broderick played WarGames with.  We have phones smarter than that computer now.

“Keystone, what’s your point?”

I’ve been slapped on my hands more than once for putting all of the killer accessories on somebody’s car or naming what kind of pickups SJ put in Andria’s guitar.  The reader doesn’t care.  So she has a killer candy clear coated version of Joe Satriani’s Chrome boy with the Sustainer pickup that Steve Vai gets all of his killer sustain out of.  But if you aren’t a guitarist that thinks Vai and Satch need to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, then why would you care what kind of guitar Andria Brey plays on Stage?

Why bother describing it in the first place?

Did I even need that scene in Stage?  Yes I needed a reason for the boys to introduce Andi and Renna to Steven James Grey, luthier.  But the scene could have been more about the old Irishman mentoring them, not throwing a guitar together while they drooled on his stuff.

Such are the things that the Stage rewrite is made of.

Some other points I have run across:

A few have asked me why I bothered to start telling a perspective view from Vile’s ring leader Gary Dennon, also.  Well, I’m setting the stage for his character being a mentor in Stage 2: Wyldheart as SJ will have passed away and left The Ax Attic to Blown Pageant in his will by that time.

Also, I have been asked, Why put eight years in between Stage and Wyldheart?  New back-story folks, sorry.  Renna has to [spoiler alert] get over what Tonetti did to her as well as what she ended up doing to him.  [There not much damage done]  And with Wyldheart she gets the chance to finally confront the fears that she has avoided for eight years and gets the opportunity to help four under privileged kids become the new sensation.

I started Wyldheart in the thick of Bryce trying to rob The Ax Attic and Renna stops him (because Renna runs The Ax Attic now).  With Wyldheart think, Dangerous Minds meets Sister Act 2.  Where the first one, really doesn’t have much to compare it to, other than maybe a random kidnapping movie.

So where is all of this random bull headed?  I am completely rewriting no less than three manuscripts.  Stage, Maraude Project: Astronomical, and Unshadow.  While still planning SunDay, Wyldheart (which is actually about half in rough), SpeedBreaker (in rough), Maraude Project: Badger Down (in outline), and Maraude The Black Mountain Vigil (half in rough but reoutlining and it is the forth book so I have a while but it is where the pivotal MC arrives in the series).

All while maintaining an average of eight to nine hours at flooring/tile setting, and all of the reading I have been doing.


Yeah, But.

I have reached a melting point.  I just hit the magic button on FeedDemon.  Meaning those fifty plus blogs with 500 plus posts, just got magically read.  All of Johanna, and Larry, and Jason, and Roz, and Keri, and Nathan, and Jami, and Alexandra, and Roni, and Bob, and Bill, and Lydia, and, and,and,&&&& advice:  Caught up.  (real blogs I follow, and really that doesn’t scratch the surface)


Because I have writing to do.  I’m done reading about what I have been doing wrong, when the next person says it’s okay in certain circumstances.  I have the basics now.  The past year has been a whirlwind of writing education.  And now that I have a few things to teach someone else.  It’s time to prove I can do this.  So in preparation for my July 11th deadline (I’ll have to explain my July 11th fetish sometime, just not today) I need to finish ALL of the manuscripts on my desk by that time period.

So with that all spewed forth, as you might have seen, my blog has changed.  For the first time since I opened it four years ago and hardly did anything with it, now you won’t be getting Squidoo updates and random chunks of information.

There are plenty of writing blogs out there, but none that write the way I do (that I’ve found anyway), and while I may be a bit ramble-ish most of the time, I will be posting what plot/character/hot rodded wonder I am currently poking and prodding.   Which means that I will probably not be continuing my character Q and A but will be posting character sketches and how I created that character and what role they will fill.

Mostly because the Q and A’s don;t feel quite right.

Anyway, I am at my self imposed 1K word count maximum (loosely) so until next time –



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This dude lives and slaves in the Siloam Springs Arkansas area, where his day job is a flooring installer. For now. An author, artist, guitar repair guy, and loves to play with cars. Not just HotWheels either. Guitar, Bass, and vocals for local False Hope band, an Indie/Country/Rock band that used to be a classic rock cover band.

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  1. Typos and all, but I’m not changing it this time: There it is in all of it’s unedited glory (like my first two books!) 😉

    Anyway, notice the old Nokia phone in the photo, that’s why I posted it LOL

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