Here we go – #WIP500

Most people are looking at me and saying “what?”

Seriously, the hashtag #WIP500 is a tag started by Cara Micheals for us writers to have a sort of Twitter based Nanowrimo all year long. And since this is a leap year, we will have 366 days to write 500+ words per day.

Well, I have entered it as well as the #wordmongering hashtag. Wordmongers and editmongers write(or edit) in 30 minute bursts, word mongers in the first 30 of the hour and editmongers in the last 30. Or depending on the situation, basically, you make a comment that you are starting the # clock at a certain time, and then you come back to post your progress. The thing about these hashtags is you are to take a break and do something else for the other thirty. It gives you time to ruminate on what you are going to write next. NOT about what you are going to edit when you comeback, unless you write then edit, which I don’t think is good. I’m bad enough about that as I write it in the first place.

#WIP500 requires that you post your results on a blog though, not just on twitter.

So, modelling after what some of the others are doing today as Jan 1st is the first day of #WIP500, I’ll do this here:

Stories WIP:

  • Stage – is actually a rewrite and is hard to count any actual words as they are second draft type edits.
  • SunDay – a WIP that I’m supposed to be co-writing with my brother, but we haven’t figured out how to coordinate the logistics on doing that yet.
  • The Maraude Series:  book one – Project: Astronomical – My main WIP to be released in the summer 2012, so I have a lot of work to do! currently at about 30K words and needs to be around 75K.  This will be the main one I will be concentrating on.
  • SpeedBreaker – a post apoc that is in need of an overhaul this year, but it is nearly half written.
  • Wyldheart – book 2 of the Stage saga, about 1/4 written, but needs some major massaging before continuing forward.
  • Unshadow – The only story that will highlight a character who shows up briefly in both the Stage series and the Maraude series, even though he is not a major character is either storyline.

 DATE        TITLE                  # WORDS                 TOTAL #WIP500 WORDS

Jan 1       Astronomical       1217                                              1217

I’ll probably move this to a more permanent place as I will be adding to this every day for the next year as a permanent record.  Also, I didn’t use the #wordmongering hash tag for it this time, but I likely will from now on.  Now to post these results on twitter and Cara’s blog!

Also, I’m very happy with my critique partner on Stage, but I’m wondering if putting another of my WIPs on her will be too much too ask, as she’s supposed to be writing too (a very good one I might add!)  So I am going to start the process of finding another crit partner to help with Maraude.

For Astronomical:  I have yet to make a formal log line and elevator pitch like they say to, but I am waiting until I am ready to start building the series platform as the second novel gets closer.  Badger Down is in plotting and outlining at the moment as well as I am still working on all of my Dossier files for the numerous characters used throughout the series.  Three generations worth.  Well four if you count Astronomical’s main characters.

Anyway, It is about an about to be middle aged Colonel in the Air Force that has been asked by his FBI sister to help with a case, trying to figure out who some people are.  He loses his military job as he goes in deep cover only to find out that this secret society that he is to expose is part of a huge circle that spans the globe and is controlled by one committee.  The Council of Magestra.  Us normal human conspiracy theory types have a different name for them, the Illuminatti.  Dale Pennington finds that his death is the only way to release him from their contract with them, so he decided to become one of them.  Heart, mind and soul.  Thus the protagonist will be the antagonist/mentor/threshold guardian for much of the remaining 30 novels, but today he is the hero.

The story is told in first person from his perspective and third person of the young man who will become his champion in the second book (but I’m getting ahead of myself again).  André will be the teacher of many of the new recruits who will become The Omegas and start down a path working covertly, will become a powerhouse and one of the Council of Magestra’s top ten for getting things done.

I have been in the development of this story for much of my life.  The later protagonist is basically my alter ego, who I would have been had I been in Rich Sabre’s shoes.   GID and split personality and all.  But we aren’t talking about Rich just yet.  He is still three books away.  Today is Dale and André.

If anyone should be interested in exchanging like stories for critique, I have to say I’m more of a cheerleader, but I will tell you if something feels confusing or gets me lost.  I’m not a grammar editor and I’m not that great of a spelling expert, so we aren’t talking about editing here.  Critique Partner.

Something I wish I would have done years ago and I’d be making money at this by now!

Till tomorrow.



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This dude lives and slaves in the Siloam Springs Arkansas area, where his day job is a flooring installer. For now. An author, artist, guitar repair guy, and loves to play with cars. Not just HotWheels either. Guitar, Bass, and vocals for local False Hope band, an Indie/Country/Rock band that used to be a classic rock cover band.

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