A New Business Dawns

Created in under 4 hours

My drifting further into the void of the Realm of the Authors has presented me with a possible second income.  A few artistic types have already forged ahead with similar venues, but I think I have something to offer because of my back ground in album covers.

I am seriously considering finishing something I started about ten years ago and never fully realized.  My desktop publishing business.  Yeah, okay so most of those were wedding invitations, birthday cards, address labels and such, but I did have a storefront open for over a year that restored photographs.  It would probably still be open had I not bought out the family carpet store. (!#@#%@%$#)  Oh, excuse the Tourette’s Outbreak there…

A good pair of friends that I met on Twitter several years ago have started a small business making serialized podcasts for authors.  They are called DarkFire Productions.  A couple of great guys Collin and Chris.  I don’t know their partner very well, but they have brought on several other authors who self produced their own work.  Starla Hutchins comes to mind as she is a wonderful narrator as well as a great indie author.

That said, no Collin has not stopped practicing as an attorney yet.

Another FaceBook friend who writes fiction/horror has started his own press, Anarchy out of England.  A great guy!

A guy that I met in my wanderings in Squidoo and followed much of his advice during the False Hope start up has gone on to become a leading voice among indie authors as well, not just bands.  He even had his book in the hands of the then unknown Miranda Cosgrove in School of Rock.

Okay, Aric but where does this take you?

I’m getting to that.  I’m not rambling this time I swear.

My recent foray back into the artistic side was for my new book cover for Maraude’s first novel, Astronomical.  I did a little canvassing to see what people thought and they came up with the same reaction that I did when I first threw the elements together.  A little polishing and in under four hours, my book cover is ready.

Four hours.

I then read up on what a typical cover artist charges the indie authors.   Most “start” at $500 and go up to $1200 and beyond.  Of course I realize this is within the parameters of possibly even a photo shoot of models on a set which could go even further into the four digits for sitting time and wages earned.


I know my way around DAZ3D/Poser, and have worked through the ‘stiff’ figures and ‘bad lighting’ before.  I can create basic animations with the software I purchased for my own book trailer (which I gotta finish – «scribbles note») and I am a Photoshop power user (even though I will never give Adobe any more of my money…  Remind me, I’ll tell you all about it someday) and have now switched to GIMP2.  I have always been fascinated with calligraphy and fonts are yet another of my addictions.  My old dedicated ‘graphics’ computer is an old HP Vectra server (still very reliable! Just slower than the new computer PII-400 vs a quad core, um, yeah) which still is sitting on my desk as I type this.  It has more than 10K fonts on it.  Photoshop 5.5 used to not be able to read all of them…

So, with that kind of a list sitting right here on my desk is everything to make this happen.  Even a brand new Wacom Bamboo to finish this up.  I’m thinking that I should start the process of making KPWorks (Keystone Publishing Works) into an LLC.  I am thinking about going the full route.  The services offered?

  • ebook publishing (which anyone should be able to do but why should a busy writer be burdened with all that, right?)
  • Submittal to smashwords (again something you could do yourself, but you should be writing)
  • Cover art (designed after I have read the book and you and I have discussed ideas in a brainstorming session on Skype or G+)
  • Custom formatting (giving that extra touch without going over board)
  • Bio and log line writing
  • Promotion channels (working on that as we speak I was in a band after all)
  • Book trailer production (and I’m not talking simple cut and paste stills here)
  • Promotional merchandise (why not have a t-shirt with the book’s name on it?  Or have you printed up your business cards yet?)
  • more that I haven’t even touched the surface of yet

This post is already longer than I planned, but I’m thinking that if several of us could network together and add Editorial Services, Critique Services, Agent Services, maybe not under my shingle, but as a network of friends.  I’m willing to network with anyone who is already doing one or two of the above also.  Two heads are better than one, and one lawyer in a town will starve…

until next time



About sirkeystone

This dude lives and slaves in the Siloam Springs Arkansas area, where his day job is a flooring installer. For now. An author, artist, guitar repair guy, and loves to play with cars. Not just HotWheels either. Guitar, Bass, and vocals for local False Hope band, an Indie/Country/Rock band that used to be a classic rock cover band.

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