Research: Maraude – The Conspiracy Behind The Council of Magestra part one

I have so much to cover here and I’m afraid that my whole series will be one big spoiler to anyone who holds to the complete tomes of the legend of the Illuminati.  But I have to write this down, if for no other reason than to keep it straight in my head as I progress through the 30 plus novels of the Maraude Series.

In my first series of posts on my research into this, I find several things that I was hoping to find.  Things that fit like a glove into the story of The Jerome Society and any of the higher level societies that the common conspiracy theorist will blame the Freemasons completely for.  The First Point that Dale Pennington runs head first into is the advent of five different levels of protectors.  These protectors or guards are children, most girls, who have been heavily conditioned and trained to be whatever they are told to be.  There are more levels but I will get to that in a moment:

  1. The Champions – The highest level to date (there is one higher that the Magestra is searching for but have not found yet) The class with the most freedoms and the most rules to remember.  Even at this higher echelon they are still slaves and can be killed on a whim, should they start getting a mind of their own.  The Champions are for entertainment purposes.  They are trained all of their life to partake in monthly Blood Ring fights to the death against whomever is up next.  I will cover the Champions in a later post more in depth.
  2. The Red Guard – The most valued of the slaves, they are trained to double as house maids, baby sitters, ranch hands, and any other domestic duty required by their masters, but they are not the second rung on the ladder.  They are third.  The second rung is reserved for:
  3. The Blue Guard – Their only purpose in life is to kill and die to protect their Master.  Certain Societies place more or less worth on these essential but limited slaves.
  4. Reserves – These are the one’s who scored low on the testing.  I will get into the testing in a moment.  Typically these are average intelligence children who are not fit for the conditioning of the three upper levels.  They are trained in moderate housekeeping duties and quickly auctioned off to the highest bidder and usually disappear into the system as what the real world conspiracies call a BETA slave.  They usually end up as low level servants or concubine-like entities.  Usually in a habit-like robe that is purposely yellow in color.
  5. Unmentionables – The lowest form, sometime wrongly classed as we will see a few in the upcoming books of Maraude.  Steph Pierce was one of these, she obviously was misclassed as she became one of the high class Blue Guard later.  They have failed the test for what ever reason and are hauled to the auction immediately.

There is one important theme that I was hoping to gloss over here but toward about Book 32, we find that the Magestra is not the ones in charge.  The Collective are.  The Magestra were the ones who escaped judgement.  The Collective didn’t.  The Magestra have been searching for the keys to unlock the prison holding the Collective.  I’ll leave it at that because if I’m not careful I will be getting into territory reserved for another time.  As well as huge spoilers!

Now, the real world conspiracies hold that everything is nearly like this.  From the MK-Ultra projects which forced programming by drug induction or mind control experiments to use for military projects to simply using the children for a white slavery network.  These ideas are not new.  This situation has been explored lately under several movie and television tropes.  Television shows like Dollhouse, the upcoming movie of the popular novel The Hunger Games, an even the popular anime series Gunslinger Girl, dealt with similar topics.

It is my plan to expand in these topics that they address, but for this first book I am world building.  A dark world just under our surface of socio-political “Sheeple”, right under our feet, right under our noses, it becoming a transparent entity.  And my first book is mostly set in 1974, even though there are flashbacks by the main character that go to when he and Spetsnaz operative Exandrov become friends after knocking each other down in a Sabre versus MiG dog fight that killed both planes.

Please come back next time as I will begin to unravel the threads that hold the Magestra’s web of deceit, even to it’s own Societies, and only tell them what they are told that they should know.


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