Research: Maraude – The Conspiracy Behind The Council of Magestra part two

Another facet of the research for the Council of Magestra has been a deep digging into all of the folklore surrounding angels.  Particularly, anything I could get my hands on about the Fallen Guardians mentioned briefly in Genesis 6.  The non-canonical book of Enoch hold even more of this story, including the fact the Enoch was chosen to judge the Guardians.

This is where my research lies, as only a majority of the Guardians were judged for their lust of the mortal women.  I asked myself why, as usual.  The majority had evidence against them:  The Nephilim, hybrid angel-humans.  This smaller group might not have had this hanging over them, why?  Children do not produce offspring under normal circumstances, even for angels.

The twelve Magestra who had held high seats in the Order of the Grigori had fallen but had no evidence for Enoch to convict them.  They were cast to Earth rather than being imprisoned with the others.  This stripped them of their power to an extent, but allowed them to continue doing as they had been.  Thus the use of child slaves in the Societies as I discussed last time.

They have no centralized leader but are constrained to make the decisions as brought to them by the smaller and mortal Societies.  They keep the balance of the stronger Societies in check by occasionally offering pieces of them to slaughter usually enhanced by the treachery of a child slave.

The connection to the child slaves is the ‘test.’  This is a test of constitution.  The children are battered spiritually and mentally to find the breaking point.  Against a litmus of what it took to break the child, their position is determined.  The stronger their spirit, the higher their position.

But this has a more sinister (believe it or not) purpose.  The Magestra do the testing for each individual child themselves in a ritual where they can administer the test to hundreds of new children, mostly orphans but many are kidnapped from well meaning families as well.  The Magestra are looking for a key to unlock the imprisonment of their fellow Grigori, and also the new Hell that was created to eternally torture the Nephilim when they die as the hybrid soul of the Nephilim isn’t supposed to be able to transcend to Heaven.  This Hell has a resistance movement who have found a way to blackmail the Magestra into releasing them as well when the ‘key’ is found.  This resistance is called The Collective and surfaces toward the end of the series as they do get released and are the cause of Armageddon.

I am taking several liberties with my story but much of the research I have found is based on theory and folklore anyway.  These theories however, are what I see making the most sense spiritually.

I have more about the true reason behind Christ’s death and all, and it will surface in the series, but it is my own theology and would possibly be a stumbling block to others.  It just makes sense to me.  Why would an all powerful God, who set up the sacrifices in the first place, need to have a hybrid human-deity child of His own?  The ‘Gentiles’ (= Nephilim in my opinion) all have tainted blood.  This is why God kept trying to tell the Hebrews to conquer and not have interracial relationships with members of other tribes.  They were one of the last of the pure human bloodlines.

Which is why God found a little girl (yes, Mary could not have been very much into her teens, think about the betrothal process folks) to carry His son.  Her genealogy is given in contrast to that of Joseph, and they were cousins.  They weren’t close cousins though, the division happened right after Solomon.  You can see it for yourself, the two genealogies given in the New Testament are different.  I propose that Mary was one of the last of the pure blood, and became tainted herself by God Himself, in order for the Sacrament to actually still work.  Jesus died as a sacrifice to save the Nephilim and give them (us) passage to Heaven.

The Ethereal Chess Game.

Simple right?

Anyway that’s it for this round and I finally explained the test, which will be showing up in the fifth or sixth novel, and you will see why the higher members of the Societies don’t trust the Blue Guards with much information.  Something that Dale Pennington will learn the hard way.



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