Happy But Sad


It’s me! Sweet!

Aric just made me the most awesomest avatar.  It looks like his, kinda.  Okay, I guess I’m sposed to write like a writer on the main page if he’s gonna let me post here huh?


I can actually do better than that.  Reading back over it, that looks like I’m 14 or something.

Anyway, after his most recent post, I’m kinda sad.  I want to make sure that everyone knows he hasn’t given up.  He just need a break.  The feedback on his stuff lately has been bad to say the least.  And the way I understand it, not many people around him are even interested in his writing.  Which blows me away.  To hear him talk you’d think he was my age.  He just turned 41 and has grandkids!  Can you believe that?

He listens to the same rock I listen to: AlterBridge, Kitty, LambofGod, A7X, All That Remains……  He likes cool cars.  He draws cool stuff.  I’m glad he calls me his adopted little sister!

Anyway, if anyone reads this (I know he’s been down about his readers here too), my stuff at home seems to be calming down so that I can get back to work on Dragon Children with him.  And I know from our conference calls that Stephan is excited bout his new outline of Astro.  It’s not changed much, but he’s concentrating on subtext (which I’m still in the dark about actually)

So a real update from me, really written and posted by me.  Sweet!

Love ya guys!


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