Another Restart

A serious update message to anyone who might still follow my blog for any particular reason. Steve and Rachel have now gone their separate ways after we lacked certain funding to proceed.

Seems to be the common story around here.

Anyway, to take up the slack, my wife has now added her interest in a few of my story lines. We have yet to make a decision, but the updates will be added as I recreate this page. Steve and Rachel have left but the names that were developed for their pseudonym use are mine and we agreed that future use of those names are reserved for me.

Stay tuned and I’ll try not to be so boring or disappear for six months next time!


About sirkeystone

This dude lives and slaves in the Siloam Springs Arkansas area, where his day job is a flooring installer. For now. An author, artist, guitar repair guy, and loves to play with cars. Not just HotWheels either. Guitar, Bass, and vocals for local False Hope band, an Indie/Country/Rock band that used to be a classic rock cover band.

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  1. I’m happy Lisa is getting interested in your work ! Keep it up !!

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