Finally A Step Forward

It should come as no surprise to anyone that writing is not my first profession.  If it were I would have starved years ago.  But as I am recently taking some huge steps backward to deal with many things in my life, looking back;  I should have listened to my teachers and mentors more.

The words ring in my ears from more than a dozen voices:  “apply yourself, Aric. ”

This morning I was blessed with my third grandchild, causing even more reflection in my already overwhelmed head.

But, as I sit here, writing this on a phone I should have had many years ago, I wonder what my direction should be.  Its obvious I’m having a mid life crisis but more than that, I’m confused.

This confusion is bringing on a lot of doubt but one thing is certain, my writing MUST move forward.  Now to find it, I am also going to move forward with my guitar site.  Be looking for new articles on my new guitar builds over at the ax attic

Be assured the writing hasn’t stopped, I just can’t focus on anything without feed back from my readers.  So if the two of you would comment and tell me which paid these monsters to paint with first, I shall post more!

Until then, I’ll be doing tile.  😉



About sirkeystone

This dude lives and slaves in the Siloam Springs Arkansas area, where his day job is a flooring installer. For now. An author, artist, guitar repair guy, and loves to play with cars. Not just HotWheels either. Guitar, Bass, and vocals for local False Hope band, an Indie/Country/Rock band that used to be a classic rock cover band.

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