J. Aric Keith, the boss

This is the about me page so I should say something about me, right?

My full name is James Aric Keith. I was born in Flagstaff, Arizona January 6, 1972. Then was transplanted to Northwest Arkansas in the summer of 1982.

I do:

  • Write (two books published so far, six in design with one series having as many as 32 books to tell the story)
  • read (a little of everything, always needing to learn something new)
  • love cars (Lotus Esprit or Elise are favorites, but all who know me say that it has to be a Chevy LUV)
  • love computers
  • love kids
  • play around at art
  • have 26 years experience at floorcovering
  • took two years of electronics in both design and repair, I remember the original internet – Bulletin Board Systems that you had to call the other person and connect with them so that you could connect with their computer on the same phone line, then you exchanged ideas on the screen, my first computer was a VIC-20 (Commodore Rules, even now they can’t beat the stability of the Amiga)
  • better than 10 years in acoustic theory, over 18 years in car audio
  • ran sound in two churches (own all of the band’s sound equipment, except for some of our mains and one set of subs)
  • love Dr. Pepper
  • rebuild old electric guitars (have 4 bass guitars, have 12+ – 6string guitars and 1 – 7 string, some are even for sale)
  • stay tuned for anything else that I might have forgotten.

I don’t:

  • like phones
  • like adults who act like adults
  • like Windows (but use it out of laziness)
  • stand for people who drive in the rain without headlights
  • like people who clog up the fast lane (oh yeah, there isn’t a fast lane in Arkansas)
  • like onions
  • like game shows, reality TV, or contest shows
  • like bratty kids (our butts have that much padding on them for a reason – not our heads, our arms, or anything else)
  • or anything else that I reserve the right to rant about later.

I’ve been married almost 24 years (to the same girl) and have two kids, 22 year old Rickey and 20 year old Arica, and a future son-in-law, Todd – It’s official ladies and gents, my little girl changed her last name again. And as of October I’m officially a grandpa. Rick will be changing the name of someone elses little girl sometime around March or so.

To contact me:

479.228.0563 (I screen my calls, so leave a voice mail, I will get back to you)

keystone045(at)gmail(dot)com – I check my spam folder regularly. This is not the email I give out to everybody so it doesn’t get anything but focused traffic. To get my attention put From Blog in your header. (I get a text message from my Gmail when I get new messages while I’m away from my computer.) No, I don’t have a smart phone. I’m smarter than my phone and I’m not out the data usage.

keystone045@hotmail.com – I clear my spam folder, but often don’t look at it (hence not hiding the @ from the bots) It’s the one that gets signed up to all of the “Special Offers.”

Twitter: @sirkeystone

Facebook: J. Aric Keith – author (or sirkeystone there too)

DeviantArt: keystone045 (though I also have sirkeystone, keystone-stock, and childrensstock which was intended to be a club that went belly up)

Nearly everywhere else possible: James Aric Keith or sirkeystone


Your Thoughts?

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