Or Keystone Publishing Works

It was and always has been my desktop publishing business.  Always on the side but always in the background learning something new.  The past few years has been article marketing, Gather, fortitude, hubpages, and Squidoo.

Before that I dove into CafePress to no avail.  I think Zazzle would be the way to my heart, but I just haven’t been into it lately.  My new Wacom tablet may change that though.  Maybe.  If I could ever get some of these writing projects off the list. . .

A current list of things I will do for food:

  • Book covers
  • Ebook publishing (including some graphic work and effects.  Not a good editor though)
  • basic 3D artwork
  • basic music design
  • basic recording studio work
  • Logo design (not into websites any more, I got burned out)
  • Novel critiques or reviews of my favored genres.

Contact me through the channels on the about page (at the bottom)  Email is preferred.

Also, if you have a blog you’d like for me to look at, feel free to drop me a line.  I’m in an add mode, then I’ll have to catch up.  When I’m through diving into all of the new blogs I have just added to my reader, I usually start posting links on twitter about my favorite ones for the day.


Your Thoughts?

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