Okay, now a little while into this and I am still staying ahead of schedule.  This is what I have needed all along.   This and my Critique Partner.  Which, by the way, I still don’t have a Crit Partner for Maraude.  It’ll be a job because you’ll be making sure I stay on track for the whole 30+ novel story arc, as well as the main plot and sub plots in the book.  Sorry Stage is already taken…   😉

Now for what this whole #WIP500 thing is.  It is a twitter based community, tracked in the software of your choice by the ‘hashtag’ of #WIP500.  WIP of course is writer-speak for Work In Progress.  And we are supposed to write at least 500 words per day for the next year.  Because of my daughter’s birthday this year (leap year, duh), we have 366 days to write, putting us at 184,000 words by New Years Eve of 2012.  If the world lasts that long —-  o.O


Anyway, you can still sign up and do your best to catch up at Cara Michael’s Blog.  Once signed up, that little popout box on the side of the screen on her blog is where you put the link you signed up under, your link number (found on the participants tag; drop down menu under WIP500 tab), and your word count for the day.  There is a box in case you have multiple days to post at a time.   She updates manually every night at 10 or so Eastern time.  She says to update at least once per week or she will remove your name, she’ll do it too!  LOL


Now, to keep up with my percentage.  My goal is to stay at 250% or above.  I would prefer to have it at 300% which would put me at well over half a million words this year.  They say that a writer needs to write ten million words before they can claim to be good.  I passed that a long time ago, but always with horrible writing and no teaching.  So the past million or so have been where my strength has come and I need a few million more in my opinion.  Of course you could see for yourself?  😉

  1. Very cool Aric! : )

  2. Keep it up, mister. I’ll be harassing you otherwise. 😉

  3. Do you have a Facebook fan page for your site?

    • I have pages for Neighbor’s Basement and the Maraude Series, but I’m getting ready to combine all of them into a KPWorks publishing page

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