August 2012

August Goals:  Just to get through the month.  The day job schedule is killing my writing time.  And we have started rehearsals for False Hope again.  Not a bad thing, just bad timing, what with the heat/schedule/writing time, all has gone down the toilet.  I am still finding some time to fit in some things.  Still reading as always, and that’s a good thing since uses a credit system.  Meaning I have to crit in order to post something to crit.  Astro will probably go through the wringer with them for a pass, as will Badger and Charisma.  As far as Crit partners, my Ukrainian friend and I have had summer scheduling problems plaguing our process there too.  And Rachel is still battling some sort of bug that is affecting her vision, so she is only writing sporadically when she feels good, she is also helping with her little brother who has been in a motorcycle wreck and has pins in his leg.  Not a problem as I am still building character arcs at this point.  The main story is laid out but  there are kinks that need a feminine touch to iron out.  I’m definitely not a romance writer!

Goals as stated for this month should be a finished product of Basement in a reformat, the new outlines of Stage should appear, the outline for Charisma should be ready, as well as work started on New Blood (Maraude#4)  The over-arching goal is to have five to seven books ready by launch on July 11 of next year (2013)  This includes possible work started on the SpeedBreaker graphic novel.  Bear in mind that Dragon Children should be pubb’d by early next year and Rachel should have a novel out herself by then as well.  She is using me as a sounding board for several ideas.   Some good ideas started!  Now to flesh them out.  Also, I should be gearing up to start an audio recording session of several of the books by the end of this month.  I have the system torn apart for maintenance, but when that is ready we will likely see the video trailers coming together shortly after.

DATE       TITLE                      WORDCOUNT                 TOTAL

8/1     Dragon Children                 1612                               272472

8/2     Dragon Children                   814                               273286

8/3     Dragon Children                   342                               273628

8/4     Dragon Children                    518                               274146

8/5     Dragon Children                    857                               275003

8/6     Neighbor’s Basement          1052                              276055

8/7     Neighbor’s Basement          2154                              278209

8/8     Neighbor’s Basement            834                              279043

8/9     Neighbor’s Basement            126                              279169

(Sorry a good game on Kongregate took over my writing…  grrr)

8/10    B’ment/Dragon                    1232 combo               280401

Also rumors of a new co-write as well, I’ll keep you posted!

8/11    B’ment/Dragon                     1626 combo               282027

8/12   Dragon Children                      323                            282350

8/13   Dragon Children                      712                           2382062

8/14   Off story – Laura Graves history 1614                  284676

8/15   Off Story – Laura                    1248                            285924

8/16   Dragon Children                    1587                            287511

8/17   SunDay                                    1224                            288735

8/18   SunDay                                    1090                            289825

8/19   SunDay                                       518                            290343

8/20   Badger                                      1015                             291358

8/21   Astronomical  edits                 817                             292175

Ugh, a bad moment with a crit partner, I’m not sure I’m ready for this writing thing after all!

8/22    Badger                                       946                             293121

8/23                                                      2214                             295335

8/24    Offstory – House Rodderdam   368                         295703

8/25    Offstory – House Rodderdam    742                         296445

8/26   Offstory – Maraude – Rich meets CJ  1237            297682

New Co-write confirmed, An alternative history about the Civil War.  The  Indians and former Slaves rise and boot the white man back to Europe or make them slaves… working out the ground work and details.

8/27    Rich meets CJ                            2297                         299979

8/28  Rich in modern day                   2014                          301993

8/29   Rich and Trista                            794                          302787

8/30   Rich and Trista                            867                          303654

8/31   Stage                                               748                          304402

Nothing finished… My mother in law passed away two days after her birthday.   Work has been full bore and I just haven’t had the energy to deal with it.  I’m also thinking that it has something to do with the way my office is set up now.   After my wife took over the son’s old bed room to give me more room;  I moved my desk and the computers and not much else.  all the boxes and guitars are still in complete disarray, which is probably lending to my erratic writing at best.

Outline finished on Charisma even though Astro got me beat about the head for grammar, and Badger is due for a heavy mechanical that might be finished by January if I’m lucky.  Stage made a little progress, but Basement is still floating at the top of the pile.  It hasn’t helped that I haven’t had time to even take lunches at work lately, much less bother with getting the palmtop out and doing anything with mine and Rachel’s cowrite.  It has a lot of potential so I don’t want her to give up on me just yet.  My experience with Critique Circle was a bit lackluster but what did I expect, Astro’s grammar is horrible!  There has to be an editor in the near future, I don’t have time to do the edits too!

Next month?

The new alternative historical co-write will start ground work in the next month.  Crit on my brothers work will continue.  Prelim art development on SpeedBreaker.


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