July 2012

July Goals:  This month will see the release of Astro.  Badger will finally go to my Critique Partner.  My second co-writer and I have already started a thriller/romance called The Care and Feeding of Dragon Children.  We should finish rough by the middle to end of July and start killing it with red pens shortly after.  Look for a new page here until Rachel can put up a blog of her own under her own URL:  R.T. McAuliffe.  And I should start the rough of Operation: Charisma, the third book of the Maraude Series.

Also this month I will jump start my reformatting of Basement, Stage, and Back Burner.  Keep Back Burner in mind as it’s entire profit goes to the kid soldier advocacy group Project AK-47.com.

DATE       TITLE                      WORDCOUNT                 TOTAL

7/1         Astronomical                  632                         244965

7/2        Dragon Children               498                         245463

7/3        Dragon Children             1233                         246696

7/4        Dragon Children                812                         247508

7/5        Dragon Children              1042                         248550

7/6        Dragon Children                744                         249294

Operation: Astronomical

has gone live on




7/7        Dragon Children                      1121                           250415

7/8         Dragon Children and work on the
Magestra Spotter’s Guide                     6238   !!                     256653

7/9    Dragon Children                            622                           257275

7/10  Dragon Children                            890                          258165

7/11Dragon Children                            1214                          259379

7/12  Dragon Children                            350                          259729

7/13  Dragon Children                            482                          260211

7/14  Dragon Children                            748                          260959

7/15  Dragon/Badger Down                2380                          263339

7/16  Dragon Children                            477                          263816

7/17  Dragon Children                            380                          264196

7/18  Dragon Children                            752                          264948

7/19  Dragon Children                            165                           265113

but also worked on the cover…  it counts!  LOL

7/20  Dragon Children                           325                           265438

co-writing seems to be slower  😉

7/21  Dragon Children                           823                           266261

and worked on reformatting the original Neighbor’s Basement for smashwords

7/22                                                             468                           266729

7/23                                                             784                            267513

7/24                                                             632                            268145

7/25                                                              412                            268557

7/26                                                              313                           268870

7/27                                                              658                            269528

7/28                                                              221                            269749

7/29                                                              980                            270729

7/30                                                            1452                             272181

7/31                                                               291                            272472

Heading into August saw the publish of Astro and the crit of Badger.  Badger is in for some reorganizing!  So the pub date will be closer to November.  Rachel and I have slowed some, due to life situations.  With my mother-in-law recovering from heart surgery and a major stroke along with my work schedule for the day job, my writing has slowed way down.  Rachel is in a similar situation with her brother having a broken leg from a motorcycle accident.  Dragon Children is also delayed a bit, but it is still in progress and we will actually be using critiquecircle.com for our editing process.  A bunch of helpful guys!  I try to pitch in as much as I can, but I have always thought that anything can be salvaged with enough care!

Now on to August!  (already?)


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