June 2012

June Goals:  As the dead line for Astro looms on the horizon that of course is my main priority right now.  It may be that to hit my dead line I will have to first put the unedited MS up on smashwords (as if I will sell any at this point anyway) then have my editor rip it to pieces when I can afford it afterward.  Just as soon as Astro’s final rewrite is finished it will be uploaded and work will begin on prepping Basement and Stage for the release to smashwords, finally with ISBNs of their own.  Then I will set to work on finalizing Badger for a fall release.  So far, so good.  No luck with my selling of Back Burner yet.

DATE       TITLE                          WORDCOUNT                 TOTAL
6/1        Astronomical                            1562                                 211041

6/2       Astronomical                            5074                                 216115

6/3       Astronomical                               762                                216877

6/4       Astronomical                               821                                217698

6/5       Astronomical                            1023                                218721

6/6       Astronomical                               642                                219363

6/7  My mom’s birthday! Astronomical  798                       220161

6/8       Astronomical                              722                                220883

6/9  My 23rd Anniversary! Astronomical 5238                 226121

6/10     Astronomical                            1251                                227372

6/11      Astronomical                            5642                               233014

6/12      Astronomical                            1248                               234262

6/13      Astronomical                              862                               235124

6/14      Astronomical                              535                               235659

6/15      Astronomical                             1118                              236777

6/16      Astronomical                               512                               237289

6/17      Astronomical                               322                              237611

6/18      Astronomical                               549                               238160

6/19      Astronomical                               492                               238652

6/20      Astronomical                              360                               239012

6/21      Astronomical                               227                               239239

6/22      Astronomical                              683                                239922

Outline for Charisma

6/23      Astronomical                              582                                240504

Outline for Charisma

6/24      Astronomical                              612                                  241116

6/25      Astronomical complete          263                                241379

6/26   Outline for Dragon’s Children   212                                 241591

6/27  Outline for Dragon’s Children    354                                241945

6/28      Astronomical format  (a lot of work but not many words nearly ready for submitting)

And Outline for Charisma                        462                               242407

6/29    Dragon Children  (co-write with R.T. McAuliffe)

Outline and started on rough                 691                               243098

6/30   Dragon Children                           1235                              244333


Yup, All I have to do is format Astro and we will be live.  I haven’t sent it off to an editor yet, but I realize I have no real audience yet either, so I have time and in the mean time I can send it out to unsuspecting BETA readers!  LOL

The good news is I have been taken up on my co-write offer and even though both my kids are older than she is, we hit it off really well.  We have already brainstormed on more than 20 titles and I helped her come up with a killer pen name, R.T. McAuliffe.  Be on the look out for Rachel as we start pushing her stuff too.  Until she has a blog and domain name of her own, I’m going to set her up a page here.  Now for next months goals…

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