May 2012

Goals for May:  Anthology “The Keystone Anthologies: Tales From The Back Burner” will hit smashwords by May 8th (another of those illusive dates that you will have to wait for Maraude’s third book to find out)  It may not be as big as I had originally hoped but the full shorts stand by themselves already, I was just going to make them longer.  Charisma should have a rough started and Astro will be back in a second mechanical.


DATE       TITLE                          WORDCOUNT                 TOTAL

5/1    Dog and His Girl (anth)               1465                                158347

5/2   Dog and His Girl (anth)                1154                                159501

5/3   Komersada’s Lab (anth) edit     2155                                161656

5/4  Astronomical Ch 1 (anth)            1238                                162894

5/5  Astronomical Ch 1 (anth)              994                                163888

5/6  BackBurner proof/format             915                                164803

5/7  BackBurner format                       1377                                166180

Tales From The Back Burner – The Keystone Anthologies approved for sale on Smashwords.   See the right side bar.  I made the decision to donate all proceeds (which until it gets approved for Amazon and B&N is the full 99¢) to Project AK-47.  I will be making a page to track my progress to that regard later.

5/8  Astronomical                                    773                                166953

5/9  Astronomical                                    825                                167778

5/10  Astronomical                               1065                                168843

5/11  Astronomical                                1589                                170432

5/12  Astronomical                                1233                                171665

5/13  Astronomical                                  830                                172495

5/14  New Project (later Maraude)  1717                                174212

5/15  New Project                                      125                                174337

5/16  Astronomical                                1140                                175477

5/17  Astronomical                                3591                                179068

5/18  Side Project (iffy)                           769                                179837

5/19  Astronomical                               3057                                 182894

5/20  Astronomical                               1001                                 183895

5/21  Astronomical                               1042                                  184937

5/22  Astronomical                                 722                                  185659

5/23  Astronomical                               2244                                 187903

5/24  Astronomical                               3244                                  191147

5/25  Astronomical                               1447                                  192594

5/26  Astronomical                               4359                                  196953

5/27  Astronomical                               1840                                  198793

5/28   Astronomical                              1359                                   200152

5/29  Astronomical                               5494                                   205646

5/30  Astronomical                               1632                                   207278

5/31  Astronomical                               3763                                     211041


It felt nice seeing that number hit 200K!  If I haven’t done anything else this year, I can honestly say I have broken a record for myself.  I have been informed that my work schedule will be coming back up on my day job.  And the guys from False Hope are wanting to begin practice again with the hope of beginning a live schedule.  So it ill be a real struggle to keep up this pace.  Though if I hadn’t slacked for two months I would have made my first set of goals.  Let’s see if I can hit a quarter of a million words by the end of June!

That’s not the only goal.  Back Burner has finally been reviewed for the inclusion to the Premium Catalog on Smashwords.  This will put it on the Amazon and B&N websites, as well as several other distro channels like the iBook Store.  So I will be shipping it to an editor for a final go then reformat it to their specs that they disallowed for.  Mostly some heading formats and a couple of images were too wide for epub margins.  Simple fixes, but the editor is the primary push.

Another goal, if possible is a small, simple laptop (netbook possibly) for typing while on lulls on the job, or taking with me on out of town jobs.  After next month, Astro will hit the Smashwords shelf.  I will be shipping it as soon as possible to an editor, but the first ebooks may not be fully edited other than a quick pass and spell checker by me while I format for Smashwords.

The reason the word count numbers are so high on this pass is there are several changes.  Mostly dictated by critique partners, but some issues are being “feathered” to be a little less controversial.  It will still have to deal with the Stockholm Syndrome romance between André Chavez and Catherine Montoya, being André is 13 and Montoya is 8, but they have been thrown together by circumstance and fall into a puppy love and friendship that is only separated… well, I’ll let you read about it in July!  😉


Your Thoughts?

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