September 2012

Last month was very nearly my worst month yet.  A new cowrite added, sort of, but I got very lazy about everything writing.  Oh, I had writing posted for everyday, but some of it was almost borderline not worthy of the #WIP500 tag.  It fit into the characters of Maraude or Stage or Sunday or any other number of stories I have, but not in the canon of something I can use for the story arcs.  Not a problem I suppose, most of us have used the flash fiction shorts to further character or scene development so it is probably okay.  The main problem is:  I haven’t furthered any of my publishing dates!

But that is okay.  I have nearly decided that I still have until summer 2013 to make my existing works more desirable.  That will give me the start of three or four franchises ready for the expansion and the more people that can handle this move will stay readers, and fans.  Not just because of the quality that will be there on this final pass of the three main books and the start of the graphic novel, but the audiobooks will be ready then too!  So I am getting ready for a very busy winter!

Also thinking of starting my artwork back up.  Which will push the SpeedBreaker Graphic Novel faster, so here we go:  From now on WIP500 page will have more detail as to what was done each day.  Or at least a digest of the week.  I haven’t decided yet, but if it doesn’t happen this month it will soon.

DATE       TITLE                      WORDCOUNT                 TOTAL

9/1          Rich and Trista                 2912                             307314

9/2         Rich and Trista                  1422                             308736

9/3         Misc Char Sketch                 733                             309469

9/4         Misc Char Sketch                 826                             310295

9/5         Stage                                        772                             311067

9/6         Stage                                      1042                             312109

9/7         Misc Char Sketch                  620                             312729

9/8         Misc Char Sketch                  752                              313481

9/9        Misc Char Sketch                 1179                             314660

9/10        Misc Char Sketch                 838                             315498

9/11        Misc Char Sketch               2623                             318121

9/12        Misc Char Sketch               2103                            320224

9/13        Misc Char Sketch               1006                            321230

9/14        Misc Char Sketch                 754                             321984

9/15        Misc Char Sketch                 777                             322761

9/15        Neighbor’s Basement        1303                             324064

9/16        Neighbor’s Basement        1461                              325525

9/17        Neighbor’s Basement        1036                              326561

9/18        Neighbor’s Basement        1869                              328430

9/19     Oh no!  I erased my dry erase board before I copied these two days down!

9/20     I know I was working on the Basement rewrite though

9/21        Neighbor’s Basement           861                              329291

9/22        Neighbor’s Basement       1218                               330509

9/23        Neighbor’s Basement       1022                               331531

9/24        Neighbor’s Basement          899                              332430

9/25        Neighbor’s Basement          427                               332857

9/26        Neighbor’s Basement       1247                               334104

9/27        Neighbor’s Basement          621                               334725

9/28        Neighbor’s Basement       1211                                335936

9/29        Neighbor’s Basement         629                                336565

9/30        Neighbor’s Basement         502                                337067

Well there it is – another month in the can…  I stalled on both co-writes, probably lost one of them, but Rachel says she’s hanging around.  The new crit partner is loving the Basement Rewrite, so all is well there.  I might run it through the wringer to make myself cry a little at critcircle, but not definite yet.  signed up for Nano again this year.  Will I do anything?  Probably…  Do I know what it is yet?  No, but there are a thousand ideas floating around in this brain of mine, just to find the time to put them on the stove.  (Especially after my granddaughter is born!)  😉 !  And again I say – !  And another – !

Okay, I heard you the first time…  I’ll stop now…

Until next month that is


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