R.T. McAuliffe

Just a place holder on Aric’s blog until I get my own blog up and running.  He’s so sweet.

Anywho-  The name is actually Rachel Terese McKinsey, but there are so many Rachel McKinsey’s in writing already that me and Aric researched for several days until we hit this one.  R.T. McAuliffe.  Sounds cool huh?  I’m all in on this.

I ain’t telling where I live other than not far from Aric by about 200 miles.  Highschool grad, but I was into Basketball more than writing, and now I’m regretting it.  Where is my basketball gonna get me in ten years.  Writing could be making me money already.  I know it will take a while but Aric is coaching me as he can.

I’ll put up a pic as soon as I have one made that doesn’t look like a witch or something.  we need one for the book covers so we’ll be getting back to you on that one for sure!



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