These are all of my current projects and all of the possible ideas to push the projects.  Eventually I will have a page for each of them, outlining the synopsis and whether they have been published yet or not.  Here’s the current list.  Just click on the hyperlinked titles to go to purchase them.

  • The Neighbor’s Basement – in first edition, I will likely be re-editing this one before long as no-one really likes the first one they published.  Available in Ebook, paperback, and hardback from lulu.com. Coming soon to iTunes and podiobooks.com as a audio book.  Also in planning is the Graphic Novel – A Dog and His Girl, based on the years after the Riverdale Massacre.  (sorry – spoiler)
  • Stage (series)Stage – first edition.  Available inEbook and paperback.  Hardcover will be availble after version edit for lulu.com.
    Wyldheart – in final rough draft.
    Stage Three: (untitled) – in plotting.
    Related products:  all of the typical merchandise of related band materials for Blown Pageant and Wyldheart, the dramatic audio
    books will feature voice acted characters.
  • Unshadow – In final rough draft, nearly finished.  Will only be in typical products when published.  Ebook, soft and hard cover, audio book
  • The Path Chronicles – Unbeaten Path – in full rewrite.
    Untitled – in outline
    Untitled – in outline
  • Maraude – More than 30 titles in full outline, with first book Project:Astronomical in mechanical edit, second book Badger Down in rough draft and almost complete
  • SunDay  – cowritten with my brother, in outline and starting rough draft
  • SpeedBreaker – Developed specifically as a Graphic Novel that grew legs.  Novel is in rough draft, GN is in planning stages, but has not yet been storyboarded.  A side story graphic novel will be based on the rogue character Black Widow as a second product later.

More coming all the time, including a short story compendium of the side stories of Maraude that just don’t fit in the timeline correctly.

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