Stephan X. Sabre

The name is actually Steven Ashdown, but when I took the plunge to help Aric to set Maraude apart from the crowd we thought it might be interesting to dabble with the idea that it was a story handed down a generation or something. So enter my pseudonym Stephan Xavier Sabre. No real relation to the Richard Sabre later in the story. It’s also a name that Aric has used for a pseudonym in the past.

I’m still trying to wrap my mind around all of the intricacies of this huge story of his and start whittling away at his already published first book in the series and the almost written next two. A huge undertaking on my part. It may take a while before we see the Sabre name on Astronomical because I wish to keep the story in canon with his original thoughts on the series.

Of course we will be dabbling with my own works as time goes on. I am introducing some characters to Aric and Rachel (or sorry Rachael now) for consideration into our new little world here.

Hell before you know it, we may just have to become a publishing house of our own!

Oh, some dirt on me:

Born in 1964 in Nevada and trans-shifted around through about six different states before coming to rest in Oklahoma about twenty miles from Aric about ten years ago. Trying to live off the grid, but Aric insists on me making a presence here. He’s telling me I should do the FaceBook crap but I’m going to sidestep as long as possible.


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