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Make Your Own Charcoal

Do you ever get tired of bagging those leaves every year? Got a pile of newspapers and cardboard boxes? Got some limbs and brush that you need to dispose of in your shredder but don’t need any more mulch or wood chipped pathways in your yard (not sure how you managed that though)? Are the kids bringing home way too many art and assignment papers? Throwing away too much paper? Tired of not getting paid for all of that recycling?

Now, do you cook out? Do you get tired of paying the high prices for those charcoal briquets or propane for your grill? Tired of everybody talking about how wasteful and carbon negative your monster natural gas grill is? Would you cook out more if you had a carbon neutral or carbon positive way to do it?

How about this: Needing so much extra leaves that you start needing your neighbors piles. Going by the dumpsters of grocery stores to take all of their cardboard before the trash truck gets there. Paying for an ad for all the old phone books and Sears catalogs you can get. Dropping by all of the factories and warehouse stores you can think of to pick up pallets and wood wire reels. You start looking for dead trees to cut down in your neighborhood.

Why? To make your own charcoal. It’s an easy process that with some innovation can be even easier. Add to that, you could actually be charging other people for this product in your neighborhood!

Read on for further information on how to build your own furnace and possibly add yet another profit stream if not just cheapen your own expenses.

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