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Final Cover for Operation: Astronomical

So I’m sitting here running through the red pen attack for the final time and I realize my cover features the huge face of Dale Pennington and a small graphic of Hanna Greene…


Hanna Greene is heard from maybe a total of six times in this whole novel.  Yes she becomes a Trio later, but that’s at the end of Badger Down…

So I cranked up DAZ and modeled up Champion André Chavez, his sister Salvadora, and his blue guard or Lahab as I’m calling them now, Catherine Montoya.  And I killed all of the 3D register stuff and added the Division M logo like the final of Badger Down will have.  Actually all of the books will have this skull and beret logo.  So here we go, let me know what you really think?

Astronomical final

left to right: Dale, Montoya, Andre, Salvadora oh, and Roscoe in the upper left 😛

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