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The Coming Storm

From Amazon of course

This is a review of, okay, no it’s not.  Another writer just slapped my hands.

So I just (I might add reluctantly) bought John Locke’s book on how he sold a million ebooks in 5 months.  I knew I was going to be in trouble.  My subject matter is usually appealing to two types of people and I will get to those in a later post.  I was sure my present course would be thrashed.

I’m not even finished reading it and here I am putting this up here for my top day of Thursday, which at this point is tomorrow.  I’m going to be giving him a five star review.  I’m sorry for anyone who doesn’t like what they have heard he stands for.  I can’t say I’ve been in line to read them either.  But I just bought his most expensive book.  Which was a steal, by the way.  And I will likely buy some of his stuff now, he changed my mind.

BUT. . .

And that’s a big but.

I see that my present business plan for my writing is actually on track.  With two exceptions.  The two that has so far only sold ten copies of my two pub’d books and has sold over a million books for him.  My Twitter and FaceBook are good, but here I am doing what all other writers who don’t sell in the indie market are doing on their blog.  Reviews, character studies, flash fiction, and private thoughts.

So, enough is enough.

My ax is a big zero after spending the money (that I didn’t have) for hosting and a domain.  It might be different if Stage was on a best seller list.  But as of now, the format of my hosting slot is going to change.  Coming soon is either or which I’m leaning to the sirkeystone because every who knows me online knows me as that.  And as there are two James A. Keith’s online (a sports writer and a lawyer) and another Aric Keith (I know him pretty well and he could kick my butt and is probably a better guitar player), so my author’s name is either going to have to change to J. Aric Keith or go back to my pen name from twenty years ago, Stephan Sabre.  Which makes me have to do some rethinking about the Maraude series, as Rich Sabre’s story written by Stephan Sabre might be a bit iffish.

So over the next few weeks as I consider this next important step of my professional author site, I will be asking the same question over and over again.  What should I call it?  Should I use my pen name or my nick name/avatar?  After those question are answered the rest will be easy.

I could do what John has done and focus the blog and site and twitter on the main character of the Maraude series.  But there is no actual main character until the fifth novel and Rich will come in as Andre or any of the other Blue Guards have.  Most will probably think that he has a short life span as well, but the future of the Magestra is on his shoulders.  I’ve said too much if you have been reading along with my research!  So  @RichSabre?  Sabre Entrprises LLC?




I think

I’m not going to break the copyright notice at the first of his book by telling you all of his secrets.  You can find out for yourself, and as always this isn’t an affiliate link, because Amazon stripped me of my affiliate status because of a stupid Arkansas tax law that I didn’t vote for.  Pick up John Locke’s awesome little one night read for 2.99!  And see what you are doing wrong in your marketing of your book.

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