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Sorry for no posts lately

You know, I really think virus’ stink.  If I could find the writer of this latest one I do believe I would take a sledgehammer to his computer.  Wouldn’t do any good, but I would feel better.

Anyway, look for a big push on Squidoo about many of my favorite subjects.  I have a lot of things to run with so I just started putting up blank lenses for now, so only about 20 of my 47 lenses are actually published.  But I have 4 more pages worth of subjects.  Thing is:  I’ll be drawing or photographing most of my own stuff for my lens features so I still have a lot of work ahead of me.

My recent interests in a metal furnace is really opening some new avenues of thought for me, in areas of my brainstorming that before now were impossible because of the design flaws that would be inherent if I used my knowledge of plastics, even with thermoplastics, stability would be an issue with several of my designs.  Now with aluminum, brass, and possibly even iron and steel at my fingertips…. (insert evil laughter here)

False Hope has actually been roped into the category of panic list band.  “What?”  In my book a panic list band is one of those “up-and-coming” bands that get the phone calls when someone else cancels.  Of couse that means dealing with last minute phone calls, and breaking plans, like birthday dinners with the wife and nights out with the kids, and good, quality time with the internet.  More info at the false hope blog.

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