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A Fleeting Idea, Or Not?

Common to my seemingly ADHD writerly mind, I have come up with another idea.

I have about 20 viable ideas ready to outline in my notebook with some character ideas for 5 or 6 more.  I know there are writers just like me out there, who have the ideas but are worried that a scarce time frame or a lack of commitment to follow through (as happens to me quite often) will keep this story from being told.

The Idea

I recently ran across an interview of the enviable James Patterson.  Yeah the guy that hatched Alex Cross, Maximum Ride and all of those fantastic series and is starting yet more.  His secret is his co-writers.  In this interview, he said he was going to finish 13 to 15 books this year alone.  Seriously.  His name will appear on as many books in one year as some people write in a lifetime.

Also, I realize the importance of a writer to keep his name out in front of the readers with something new, very quickly.  From John Locke to my friends Cara Michaels and Jason Halstead their stories are hitting shelves on Amazon every few months or so.  I will be launching at least four this year myself starting in July.

Where Could This Happen?

With this knowledge, I have wondered about a place where a team of writers can get together to brainstorm and co-write for profit.  The website has already been built.  I have been using it for years. has a specific chapter and synopsis related forum feature for every post.  Most people never use this feature.  Which is sad, because they do the group writing all the time for their poetry and writing prompt contests.

The book could be conceived, outlined, roughed, drafted, arced, paced, mechanical’d, proofed, and compiled to a doc for an editor to look at; all from the comfort of one website, all by a controlled team of people on a site that could be a social site if nudged a bit.  I am currently looking into a group of indie film people with connections to do theater-friendly book trailers.  My brother is a composer and remixer and I play all kinds of rock music.  I also of course have a moderate proclivity for doing book covers.  The possibilities are endless.

I am starting to be followed by indie publishing houses and book reviewers.  A quick and painless push to smashwords and in just a month or two a book is born to start making money for the two or three people involved.  Just don’t depend on the services that WeBook offers.  I was working through Page2Fame but it isn’t worth the money spent.  There are better critique sites and certainly better critique partners.

Anyone interested?

I would love to admin, or co-admin a project like this that might go as deep as two or three books at a time.  Hit me up on Twitter @sirkeystone or

comment here, but I would also like to know why you don’t like this idea.

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