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I saw a story on YouTube that had aired recently about Jazz. Not Jazz the music, Jazz – an eleven year old girl who is fighting the system that doesn’t want her to be what she feels she is.  (sorry about the title, it just typed itself there)

I brought this subject up to Aric and he let me write this article, because it’s a subject that for some reason, is near and dear to him as well. He also gave me a link to a few articles about a little girl named Sadie who was inspired to write an essay about her feelings on Obama leaving her kind out of his innagural address.  In my research I ran across another couple of videos from the Oprah Channel of a young trans girl named Haley (shown in the video)

I say “her kind” very lightly. Sadie and Jazz and Hailey are three very brave little girls who were born male. Transgender. Now before everybody I know goes all religious on me, I want you to understand something that I just figured out watching Jazz and Hailey. They would fool anyone who didn’t know them. For everything I know about girls, they each are one, heart, mind, and soul. Just not in body.

Just hearing her answer when Barbara Walters asked if she would try to date boys or girls, Jazz said boys. She even had a good answer that all girls should use when Barbara asked what she will do when the boys reject her. “Then he isn’t right for me anyway.” I just wanted to cry right there. She sounded like me at eleven. Well, okay, maybe thirteen. :/

I know I’m not that much older than that now to most of you that follow Aric’s blog (the two of you he says… yeah I’m sure there are more). You will see me being nineteen and say, “What would you know about it?”

Like I said on my own blog, Jazz and Sadie are my heroes! And the thousands of kids like them. I kinda had to deal with some of it being the middle girl of an all boy family, I had to be a tomboy, I wouldn’t have survived if I didn’t. I never thought about taking it so far as to change my birth certificate to say I was a boy.  Of course I’ve never been anywhere to need a passport, so I didn’t need that changed either, I guess.

What I can’t imagine is, life is hard enough when you are the gender you were born with, I mean, it was hard enough to be a girl. I wouldn’t believe how hard it would be to be a boy and have to deal with the bullying and accusations of acting the part of a girl. No wonder there are so many trans kids end up in suicide. The odds are enormous! I hope I’m saying this right. I don’t want to offend any trans kids, that’s for sure. I’m saying that I may not understand the “why” but I can appreciate the struggle.  Would someone like to explain to me, in non-bigoted terms, what is happening here?  It’s not about these kids wanting to be gay!  They are making these decisions before they even understand the difference.

So to Jazz or Sadie or Haley if you ever read this on Aric’s blog, my hat’s off to ya!

Not sure why I said that, I don’t even wear hats~

Luv ya!

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